Insulated Jacket Features:

  • Completely constructed with 304 stainless steel for exceptional durability
  • Ensures safety and performance for grills that are installed in islands that include combustible materials

Available for the following products:

  • Coyote 28″ Grills (Insulated Jacket Model: CJAKTCC2)
  • Coyote 30″ Grills (Insulated Jacket Model: CJAKTCS30)
  • Coyote 34″ Grills (Insulated Jacket Model: CJAKTCC3)
  • Coyote 36″ Grills (Insulated Jacket Model: CJAKTCS36)
  • Coyote 42″ Grills (Insulated Jacket Model: CJAKTCS42)


Install Guide for 28" Grill
Install Guide for 30" Grill
Install Guide for 34" Grill
Install Guide for 36" Grill
Install Guide for 42" Grill