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Show Us Your Extreme Weather Grill Skills!



Snow, Sleet, Rain, or Windstorm?

Nothing can keep YOU from cooking up your favorite meal.

Upload a picture or video of YOU showing us how
grill season never ends for the true die hard fan.
Or upload to your Facebook or Instagram using the #coyoteextreme

One winner will receive an indoor/outdoor
Electric Grill by Coyote Outdoor Living

Contest runs from December 1st-December 31st
A winner will be announced here on Monday, January 8th.

Submit Your Entry in 3 Steps:

1. Upload your photo or video by dragging the files into the box below or use button to select files to upload from your computer or device.

Upload Files through

2. Please enter your name, email, and ZIP code into the boxes below.

3. Click the “Submit” button.


*By uploading images, you agree to allow Coyote Outdoor Living and its approved entities full use of content for current and future marketing purposes.

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Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen with Coyote Outdoor Living

Designing your Dream Outdoor Kitchen


Assessing your Space

To design your outdoor experience, you’ll need to think about the needs of your space. How large do you need your grill to be? Should it be stationary or moveable? Answering these questions ensure you get the materials right for you. Luckily, Coyote offers a wide selection of top quality stainless steel grills to fit your space.


What do you Value?

Next, you’ll focus on what you want from your outdoor kitchen. Just like the kitchen in your house, your grilling space can focus on strictly cooking or be a compliment to entertaining guests. You can decide if the grilling area will be the focal point of your space or an addition to family fun.


Planning Your Space

 After you figure out what you need and want from your outdoor kitchen, you’ll have to start thinking about the design. You should design this as you would a room in your home. It should be comfortable and inviting. After all, most of us will be trying to spend just as much time outside as inside this fall.



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Coyote Signature Grates Deliver the Perfect Heat for the Perfect Meat

Whether you are cooking beef, pork, chicken or fish, Coyote Signature Grates have the perfect design to deliver the right amount of heat for whatever you’re cooking.

Made from diamond laser cut solid stainless steel, the grates come in three unique designs with sections optimized for beef, chicken or fish.

For use with Coyote C1C28, C1C36 and C1SL36 gas grills, the grates’ heavy-duty design makes for impressive sear lines on food.

The grate with the large, wide slats (far left) is ideal for beef and pork, the grate with thin slats (in the middle) works well with chicken, and the grate with small, curved slats (on the far right) is perfect for delicate foods such as vegetables or fish.

Get a set now and level up your grilling today!